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Postdocs & Visiting Scientists

Hong-Yan Shih (long-term visitor, Academia Sinica, Taiwan). Transition to turbulence, collective effects in evolutionary ecology, rapid evolution . Thesis: Spatial-temporal patterns in evolutionary ecology and fluid turbulence. [PDF]
Luiza Angheluta (long-term visitor, University of Oslo, Norway). Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, plasticity and avalanches statistics, fluid dynamics, geological pattern formation.


Ph.D Students

Minhui Zhu (Bacterial colony growth; dynamic scaling in charge-density wave systems)
Sang Hyun Choi (models of collective networks)
Purba Chatterjee (Chemotaxis, active matter)
Dmytro Bandak (Turbulence and mean flows)
Xueying Wang (Turbulence in photonics, transition to turbulence)

Undergraduate students

Zhiru Liu (neural networks, scaling laws in evolution and ecology)


Chi Xue (Population dynamics of transposons, diversity in ecology). Thesis: Diversity and evolution of ecosystems: from genomes to the biosphere. [PDF]. After graduating, working in finance.
Vikyath Rao (Social interactions in honeybees, microbiome metagenomics) . Thesis: Multiscale dynamics in honeybee societies. [PDF]. After graduation, working for Quantum Black.
K. Michael Martini (Regime shifts in spatially-extended ecosystems, quasi-Turing patterns in biofilms, evolution at the molecular level in living cells). Thesis: Fluctuation and response in complex biological systems. [PDF]. After graduating, postdoc with Ilya Nemenman.
Farshid Jafarpour Thesis: Dislocation dynamics, stochastic pattern formation, homochirality) . [PDF]. After graduation, postdoc at Purdue with Srividya Iyer-Biswas.
Tommaso Biancalani. Stochastic processes, evolution of homochirality, patterns in ecosystems. Currently postdoc at MIT in Jeff Gore's lab.
Maksim Sipos Thesis: Phase transitions in fluids and biological systems. [PDF]. After graduation, quantitative analyst at Edgestream Partners.
Michael Assaf (postdoc; rare events, turbulence, evolution, stochastic processes in biology). After graduation, assistant professor of physics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel after Oct 2012.
Nicholas Lee-Ping Chia (postdoc) Professor, Theoretical biology group at the Center for Individualized Medicine at Mayo Clinic.
Andreas Menzel (postdoc) Research associate in the group of Professor H. Löwen at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.
Pinaki Chakraborty (postdoc) Associate Professor of Fluid Mechanics, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology.
Lanying Zeng (postdoc co-mentored with Ido Golding). Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Texas A&M University.
Zhenyu Wang Thesis: Collective dynamics of evolving populations and their strategies with applications to medicine. [PDF]. Now a financial analyst at RGM Advisors
Patricio Jeraldo Thesis: Computational approaches to stochastic systems in physics and ecology [PDF]. Postdoctoral researcher in the Center for Individualized Medicine, Mayo Clinic.
Tuan Tran Thesis: Experiments in turbulent soap films: Marangoni shocks, frictional drag and energy spectra [PDF]

Now at Physics of Fluids group, University of Twente
Tom Butler Thesis: Stochastic many-body problems in ecology, evolution, neuroscience and systems biology [PDF]

Joined MIT as a postdoctoral fellow after graduation.

Nicholas Guttenberg Thesis: Scale invariant cascades in turbulence and evolution [PDF]

Joined James Franck Institute, University of Chicago after graduating; now at University of Oregon/IBM.

Patrick Chan Thesis: Scaling and pattern formation in condensed matter systems [PDF]

Joined HSBC model validation group, New York after graduation. Now at Goldman Sachs, Hong Kong.

John Veysey Thesis: Complex fluid dynamics: from laminar to geophysical flows. [PDF]

Graduated to be APS Congressional Fellow, in the office of Senator Robert Menendez. Served as Legislative Director for Congressman Daniel Lipinksi, now at National Science Board.

Badri Athreya Thesis: Phase fields and the renormalization group: a continuum approach to multiscale modeling of materials [PDF] .

Now at Caterpillar.

Hector Garcia Martin. Thesis: Statistical analysis of highly-correlated systems in biology and physics [PDF]

Postdoc at the Joint Genome Institute, Berkeley; now Deputy Director of Host Engineering at DOE Lawrence Berkeley, Joint BioEnergy Institute, working on metabolic engineering.

Kalin Vetsigian. Thesis: Collective evolution of biological and physical systems [PDF]

Graduated to Dept. of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University. Now Assistant Professor of Bacteriology at Univ. Wisconsin.

Tae Kim

A skateboarder, videographer, scientist, and teacher in the Chicago area.

Earlier students

(Theses available here, or by contacting Nigel)

Vivek Aji
Qing Hou
Lin-Yuan (Patrick) Chan
John Stewart
Maurizio Mondello
Fong Liu
An-Chang Shi

Earlier Postdocs

David Reynolds
Navot Israeli
Jun-Jo Jeong
George Bonheyo
Greg Bauer
Nik Provatas
Ken Elder
Shin-ichi Sasa
Hisao Hayakawa
Greg Eyink
Tim Newman
Sergei Esipov
Scott Renn
James Annett
Olivier Martin

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