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Our work is sometimes featured in general publications and scientific commentaries, and some examples are listed below. For an up-to-date list, try this search.

Can jumping genes explain biological complexity?

Stephen Fleischfresser, Cosmos, Nov 2018

A math theory for why people hallucinate. July 2018

Jennifer Ouellette, Quanta Magazine.

Competitive adaptation prevents species from eradicating each other. June 2018

Article from SIAM News

Evolution saves species from Kill-the-Winner disasters, Feb 2018

Article from Quanta Magazine.

Un paradosso della biodiversita spiegato con virus e batteri

Focus Magazine, Jan 2018.

Biodiversity: Winning ways

Commentary by Andreas Trabesinger, Nature Physics Jan 2018

NG: The humility of ignorance.

Article by CW Headley Sept 2017.

Seeing emergent physics behind evolution. Interview with Nigel Goldenfeld, August 2017

Article from Quanta Magazine.

Automated system finds rapid honey bee communication networks, Jan 2018

Article on

Statistics resolve "Kill-the-Winner" paradox

Cosmos Magazine, January 2018

Straight up with a twist: homochirality from basic life requirements, Oct 2015

Article on Phys.Org

Unexpected spiral vortex phenomenon, April 19, 2016

Science Daily

Watching jumping genes in action, June 13 2016

Article in Phys.Org

Go with the flow

Interview on NPR/WCAI

Ecological extinction explains how turbulence dies, Nov 18 2015

Press release in Phys. Org.

Slow motion waves of jumping genes in the human genome, Nov 14 2016

Press release in Phys.Org.

When math meets Nature: Turing patterns and form constants, March 2013

Article in Scientific American blog.

RFID tags on bees reveal hive dynamics, July 23 2014

Article in Phys.Org based upon UIUC press release

Interview with Nigel Goldenfeld at the Huffington Post, May 2014

We need a theory of Life by Suzan Mazur

Digging down below the Tree of Life

Astrobiolology Magazine, Mar 28 2013

NASA announces selection of Astrobiology Institute at UIUC Sep 5 2012

NASA press release; Champaign-Urbana News Gazette article; UIUC press release; Physics Dept. news article; Baylor College of Medicine article.

The Guardian, 19 March 2010

Why everything you've been told about evolution is wrong by Oliver Burkeman

New Scientist, Jan 23 2010

Horizontal and vertical: the evolution of evolution by Mark Buchanan

Focuses on the challenge HGT poses to "Darwinian evolution"

The Edge Annual Question, Jan 10, 2010

How is the internet changing the way you think?

(my essay is here)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Oct 20 2009

Life is a Collective Superorganism by George Dyson
(German original is here.)

Nature Physics, August 2009

Collectivist revolution in evolution by Mark Buchanan

Description of our work on collective effects in evolution

New York Times, March 10, 2009

They tried to outsmart Wall Street by Dennis Overbye
A rather misleading and confused account of physicists on Wall Street.

Nature Physics, Jan 2009

No man is an island - editorial on financial crisis and complexity

Radiolab, National Public Radio, Mar 14 2008

(So-called) Life. Streaming podcast available here, or download here.

Nature and Nature Physics, March 28 2008

Natural Beauty and Watch your step by O. Hammer

New Scientist, March 22 2008

Predicting how hot springs turn into such cool things

The New York Review of Books, July 19 2007

Our Biotech Future by Freeman Dyson

Nature Physics, April 2007

The messy truth about drag by Mark Buchanan

Science et Vie Jr., September 2006

Les maths, c'est naturel

Editor's Choice, Science, August 4 2006

Leaving out the details by Andrew Sugden, July 12 2006

Large rock growth at geothermal hot springs by Lisa Zyga

The Loom, July 12 2006

In the beginning was Linux? by Carl Zimmer

New York Times, July 18 2006

Mysterious steps, explained at last by Kenneth Chang

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Press release, July 5 2006

Watching rocks grow: theory explains landscape of geothermal springs by James Kloeppel

Chicago Tribune, April 2 2006

New UI research looks into classic unsolved problem by Greg Kline (syndicated version of News-Gazette article)

Daily Illini, Feb 14 2006

Old experiment yields new uses byKiran Sood

Champaign-Urbana News Gazette, Feb 19 2006

A bridge to explaining troubled waters by Greg Kline

Pal and Basu

Softpedia, Feb 12 2006

Turbulence - the last mystery of classical physics

by Vlad Tarko

Daily News and Analysis, Feb 9 2006
(Mumbai, India)

Scientists build a bridge over turbulent waters by Shivaji Das

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Press release Jan 31, 2006

Turbulence yields secrets to 73-year old experiment

Chicago Tribune Magazine, Jan 8 2006.

The Cosmic Conversation by Ronald Kotulak.

Science, Nov 4 2005
Special issue on Systems-level Brain Development

Sex differences in the brain: implications for explaining autism
by Simon Baron-Cohen, Rebecca Knickmeyer and Matthew Belmonte

Champaign-Urbana News Gazette, Oct 23 2005

Professors' projects aiming to pin down life's origin by Greg Kline

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Press Release Sep 28, 2005

U. of I. researchers to play key roles in study of how life emerged on earth

New Scientist, Feb 26 2005.

Cover article
entitled "How to see the future", by Mark Buchanan, features our work on coarse-graining cellular automata.

Cern Courier, May 2004.

Towards a new kind of complexity
Science News, March 20 2004.
Article by Peter Weiss.

Complexity by way of simplicity.

Nature, March 4, 2004.
News and Views article by Philip Ball.

Complex systems: predicting the unpredictable.

Physical Review Focus, Feb 20, 2004.
Complexity is elusive by Don Monroe.

The Industrial Physicist, Dec 1999.
Physicists graduate from Wall Street by Jennifer Ouellette
Contemporary Physics, May/June 1993.
Review of Lectures on Phase Transitions and the Renormalization Group by Ian Lawrie.
New York Times, Jan 6 1987.
Snowflake's riddle yields to probing of science by James Gleick.

Nature, 19 Sep 1985.
News and Views article by John Maddox.
DNA as a kind of solid.

  Science, May 31 1985.
Fractal fingers in viscous fluids by Arthur Robinson.

Science, June 8 1984.
Crystal anisotropy directs solidification by Arthur Robinson.

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