Physics 563: Phase Transitions and the Renormalization Group

Term essays 2005

  1. The RG as a method of analyzing differential equations by Thomas Butler
  2. The Jamming Transition by Pak Yuen Chan
  3. Phase transitions of heavy-fermion superconductors by Shu-Wei Chang
  4. Non-equilibrium phase transitions in condensed matter physics by Yaofeng Chen
  5. Epidemics on small-world networks by Jiahao Chen
  6. Phase transitions in relaxor ferroelectrics by Matthew Delgado
  7. The Bose-Hubbard Hamiltonian by David Ferguson
  8. Phase transitions in polyelectrolyte solutions by Camilo Guaqueta
  9. Phase transitions in foams by Nicholas Guttenberg
  10. Critical phenomena in percolation theory by Patricio Jeraldo
  11. Criticality and self-assembly in biological ionic fluids by Ghee Hwee Lai
  12. The Brazil Nut and Reverse Brazil Nut effects by Andrew Missel
  13. Orientational glasses by Miguel Morales
  14. The Turing Instability by Abhishek Mukherjee
  15. Superfluid phase transition in gaseous two component Li-6 by Benjamin Fregoso
  16. A healthy human heart operates in a critical state by Aruna Rajan
  17. The superconductor-insulator transition by Abhishek Roy
  18. Phase transitions in non-equilibrium steady states by Xianfeng Rui
  19. A study of cancerous tumors using phase transition methods by Mohammad Sahrapour
  20. Models of social phase transitions by Daniel Sinkovits
  21. Liquid-liquid phase transitions by Kuei Sun
  22. Phase diagrams of alloys from 1st principles calculations by Teck Leong Tan
  23. Speciation as a phase transition by Georgios Tsekenis
  24. Ising model as a model of a multi-agent based financial market by Jiansheng Wu
  25. Phase transitions in the early universe by Xin Lu
  26. 1/f noise and self-organised criticality by Xin Zhao
  27. From "Democracy" to Dictatorship by Yang Liu
  28. Fermi liquid and BCS phase transition by Zhenhua Yu