Purba Chatterjee

About Me
I am a graduate student in the Physics department of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I work with Prof. Nigel Goldenfeld at the Carl R. Woese Institute For Genomic Biology .

Research Interest
I am interested in studying emergent phenomena in active matter. These are systems composed of agents which consume stored energy of some form and convert it into systematic motion, thus keeping the system perpetually driven out of equilibrium. Interactions among such self-propelled agents result in novel collective behaviour. Some examples of systems that fall under this category would be flocks and herds of animals, bacterial suspensions, biofilament-motor protein assays and vibrated granular rods. Currently, I am investigating the transition to polar-nematic order in anistropic self-propelled particles at high packing fractions, with a view to study collective behaviour in bacteria like flocking/swarming and chemotaxis.